Design Process
Let's take a look at what we did in the IDO website processes:

The first step in starting the İDO project was to sketch out what we needed to do, which would provide us with a clearer understanding of what needed to be done. This way, our project team could manage everything they designed more effectively. Our design team first turned their vision into a draft by creating wireframes.


In an e-commerce website, UX design should be planned in the most effective and creative way. By sticking to this detail, we created a homepage that provided the highest level of user experience, was attention-grabbing, and clean. Our design, which brought users together with a comfortable shopping experience, increased the site's visitor retention rate.

Detail Page

We built İDO's detail pages with a design that allowed everything to be easily found, avoiding complex colors and content, creating a feeling of freshness for the user. This way, we ensured that every visitor to the site had a comfortable user experience journey.

Tüm projeleri buradan görebilirsiniz.

Dilerseniz web yazılım ve tasarım süreçlerinde destek verdiğimiz tüm projeleri inceleyebilir, aklınıza takılan bir konu olduğu takdirde bizlerle iletişime geçebilirsiniz.