Design Process
Let's take a look at what we did in the IGA PASS website processes:

To better visualize the project planning and reflect our ideas more clearly, we first created templates. Then, based on customer requests, we continued to shape our project with a specially designed concept. We matched functionality with capability and created a site skeleton with rich features that is easy to navigate.


Providing a happy user experience is paramount for us. For this reason, we used the Ui/Ux concepts as the focal point of our designs and created a clean and balanced homepage with our user-centered approach that improves brand performance. In this way, we offered users a refined, uncomplicated, and elegant homepage design.

Detail Pages

While trying to bring the brand to life digitally and quickly, we aimed to create a website that would attract consumers and accurately reflect the brand's identity. For this purpose, we developed a user interface where user experience is at the forefront. The detail pages of the project were completed with consideration of easily finding everything, being dynamic, and fast. We created both stylish and attention-grabbing pages by trying to understand customer needs.

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